Friday, April 12, 2019

MEDIC CR / SanteMPI 1.4 Released

Today, the SanteSuite community released version 1.4.0 of MEDIC CR (SanteMPI 1.x). This release includes several features related to operationalizing the MPI/CR software using authentication mechanisms other than two-way TLS and X509 certificates. With this release it is possible to authenticate clients on HL7v2 and HL7 FHIR streams using an OAUTH2 bearer token.

For HL7 FHIR, any valid BEARER token should be used in JWT format.

For v2 messages, authentication occurs against a compatible OAUTH2 service. Compatible OAUTH2 services should support the X-Device-Authorization header. The device credentials are a  combination of MSH-3|MSH-4 and MSH-8.

The 1.4.1 update will also introduce the ability to use standard username/password grants.

Check out the release on GitHub:

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